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Domestic Violence Awareness Survey
What is your gender?
What is your age?
What is your race?
What is your maritial status?
What is the highest grade of school completed?
What is your yearly household income?
Do you currently know, or have you known someone who is or was a victim of domestic violence?
Did you talk to the person about the domestic violence situation?
If no, why not?
What resources are available to domestic violence victims in your area?



Tactics for Coping With Stress Inventory
Instructions: Listed below are some common ways of coping with stressful events. Mark those that are characteristic of your behavior or that you use frequently.
1. I ignore my own needs and focus on the needs of others.
2. I seek out friends for support.
3. I eat more than I should.
4. I exercise.
5. I get irritated and take it out on people closest to me.
6. I take a little time to relax and unwind.
7. I smoke cigarettes or drink caffeinated beverages.
8. I confront the source.
9. I withdraw emotionally .
10. I try to change my perspective on the situation.
11. I sleep more than I should.
12. I take time off and get away from the stressors in my life.
13. I go shopping, and spend more than I should.
14. I use humor and joke around with friends and co-workers.
15. I drink more than usual.
16. I take up a hobby or interest that helps me unwind.
17. I use drugs or medicine to help me relax and sleep better.
18. I focus on maintaining a healthy diet.
19. I ignore the problem and hope it goes away.
20. I meditate or pray.
21. I worry about the problem but am too afraid to do something about it.
22. I focus on the things I can control and accept the things I can't.
Evaluate your results: The even numbered items are often more constructive ways and the odd-numbered items tend to be less constructive ways of coping with stress.

















Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each following statement. Please pick only one response to each statement.
If someone is being abused, they have done something to cause it.
If I know a friend, co-worker, or family member is a victim of domestic violence, I think I should mind my own business.
I don't know what I can do to help prevent domestic violence in my neighborhood/community.
Have you ever been a victim of domestic violence?